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SaverOne and Motor Supply begin U.S. road safety pilot

COLUMBIA, SC - SaverOne 2014 Ltd. (NASDAQ: SVRE) (TASE: SVRE), an Israeli technology firm specializing in transportation safety solutions, has initiated a new pilot project in the United States with Columbia-based trucking company Motor Supply, Inc. The collaboration aims to enhance road safety by integrating SaverOne's driver distraction prevention system into Motor Supply's fleet.

The pilot involves the installation of SaverOne's system in a subset of Motor Supply's sixteen trucks. Over the next 12 months, the project will assess the system's efficacy in reducing accidents caused by driver distraction, particularly from mobile phone use. If successful, the technology may be adopted across the entire fleet and included in future vehicles.

Motor Supply's CEO, Alex Abrashkin commented, "Our mission is to revolutionize the transportation of goods across America by developing and harnessing cutting-edge technology for unparalleled efficiency. Part of that is our commitment to a strong culture of road and driver safety."

Ori Gilboa, CEO of SaverOne, highlighted the significance of the pilot, saying, "This is our first pilot project in the Carolinas' region of the United States and we hope that a successful pilot will not only lead to the implementation of our system across their full fleet, but will also act as a showcase for other large fleets in the region interested in leveraging our technology to improve road safety."

SaverOne's technology is designed to mitigate the risk of road accidents by preventing drivers from accessing distracting applications on their mobile phones while allowing use of essential apps like navigation. The system operates without requiring user intervention or consent.

According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, road accidents in the United States cost about $870 billion annually, with a significant portion attributed to mobile phone use while driving. SaverOne's solution targets commercial and private vehicle fleets, vehicle manufacturers, and insurance and leasing companies, aiming to reduce these costs and enhance safety.

The company's strategy includes offering its technology for aftermarket installation and working with OEM vehicle manufacturers to integrate safety solutions during vehicle production.


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